Creative Anniversary Logos

Lincoln Memorial 100th Anniversary Logo

As one of the most recognizable monuments in the country, this logo leaned into this famous design for their anniversary logo. By replacing three of the pillars with a large, elongated number 100, the designers created a clean layout but also one that one easy to recognize even without the ribbon and dates along the bottom clarifying what is being celebrated and the years of operation.

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Tolsa 65th Anniversary Logo

Sometimes what you need isn't a logo as much as a graphic. So while this graphic may no fit the traditional rules of a logo, it does serve its purpose really well. With a background in the brand's gold color, the logo at the bottom, an enlarged mark in the top right, and the number and reason for celebration in the middle, this graphic worked well on thier website as a content block and on social media.

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Truly Nolen 85th Anniversary Logo

Famous for the black ears that are seen throughout their branding and products, Truly Nolen used the same concept as the starting point for their anniversary logo. A large block number 85 below the ears specified the year, a ribbon held the years of operation, and a thin, black tail made this mark easily recognizable.

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