Restaurant Anniversary Logos

Wendy's 50th Anniversary Logo

Wendy's original square logo shape was the inspiration for this 50th anniversary mark. All in their traditional brand red, a large number 50 sits just below the brand's current logo to fill out the shape. Inside the O is an illustration of the chain's original founder, Dave Thomas, to neatly tie the beginnings of this company's story to their present.

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Roy Rogers 50th Anniversary Logo

This restaurant chain started with a classic round seal-type shape with a thick border in their classic brand red color. That thick rim held text outlining the reason for their celebration. Then inside that circle and slightly overlapping the edges was placed their original logo with the same slight angle. The result combined a shape that supported the anniversary message with the logo that supports easy brand recognition.

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KFC Japan 50th Anniversary Logo

When KFC celebrated 50 years of operations in Japan, they had a powerful, easily-recognized shape at their disposal: the almost-square bucket with red stripes. Because it was so recognizable, they were able to simply overlay the year of their anniversary on top of that shape in a font similar to the KFC name and quickly have a logo that was simple, on-brand, and easy to tie back to the original mark.

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