Brown Anniversary Logos

Boulevard Brewing Company 30th Anniversary Logo

Breaking a bit from the style of other beer-themed anniversary logos, this logo adds a little bit more sophistication to with the style of beer they produce. In the center sits a large number 30 with the words "trade mark" and "barrel aged" in the classic script-designs that are part of the main brand that Boulevard is built around.

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United States Aircraft Insurance Group 90th Anniversary Logo

This logo starts with a clean, tan-ish brown circle and a large number 90 in the center. Along the top is the celebration reason written out in words, along the bottom is the name of the organization. Above and below the 90 sit simple illustrations associated with the industry they work in. The result is clean and looks really nice.

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Nottingham Panthers 75th Anniversary Logo

Starting with a round black backdrop, this logo sets a large number 75 with a little bit of offset shadow for depth to create a strong foundation to buid on. The team name then wraps around the 75 and cleverly uses the "th" in the name as the "th" for the number and ties those together visually with color. A ribbon style element sits at the bottom showing the year the team was founded.

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