70th Anniversary Logos

Metairie Bank 70th Anniversary Logo

This design makes the number 70 in their brand blue the main visual feature, but also places many elements that sit layered above that logo. Curving above the number at the top sit a series of stars separating their years of operation, across the lower part of the number is a ribbon, with the original brand logo sitting in shape covering a portion of the remaining number.

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Nicklaus Children's Hospital 70th Anniversary Logo

This hospital has a very recognizable logo with a golden bear (Jack Nicklaus' famous nickname and mark) inside a pink heart. By using that mark as the focal point and building a blue and pink number 70 around it, this created a tie back to the traditional brand and gave them space to add wording below and to the sides of the logo, clarifying the name for those not as familiar with the original.

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