175th Anniversary Logos

Smithsonian Institute 175th Anniversary Logo

Normally the Smithsonian logo features a yellow sun on a blue circle. Wanting to keep the colors and shape of the original for their anniversary design, their team separated the blue from the yellow, placed the sun on it's own in the gap between the 7 and 5, and then used that backgroudn blue for the color inside the number in this logo. The traditional word mark on the bottom rounded it out and made it easy to recognize.

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City of Huntington Indiana 175th Anniversary Logo

This logo starts with a circle that is divided exactly in half horizontally. On the top is placed a simple line-art drawing of a famous building in the city's downtown, while the bottom features a large number 175, the years of operation, and the name of the city. Curving along the top of the circle are placed 5 stars to round out the design.

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St Bernard Catholic Church 175th Anniversary Logo

Featuring an illustration of the church's famous architecture in red, this art is wrapped in a circle to hold the bulk of the design. Above the circle sits the name of the church, at the bottom of the circle sits the church's tagline, and between the spires of the building sit the years of operation. Finally, just in front of those spires sits the name of the church.

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