15th Anniversary Logos

Brazon Valley Bombers 15th Anniversary Logo

With classic sports design styling, this mark starts with a clean, circular badge that places a large, sports-lettering number 15 in the center. Above and below that number is the name of the team in curved letters to follow the shape of the circle. To either side is a gold ribbon holding the years of operation. Above and below the lnumber sit the silhouette of the state of Texas and the team's traditional logo

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Hydraulics Online 15th Anniversary Logo

This side-by-side layout using a brand's original logo is becoming more and more common, for good reason. A vertical line seperates this media outlet's traditional logo from a simple design using a number fifteen. Even if this number was using readily available stock imagery of their annersary number, the combination of this mark and their usual design makes it a clean lockup that's easy to tie back to the original brand.

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Gateway Church 15th Anniversary Logo

The clean, line-art logo starts with a series of white circles to create two rings where they place the name of the church and a list of the church's values. In front of that sits a large, stylized number 15. On either side are placed the years of operations with more lines connecting the horizontal years to the circular shape of the rest of the logo.

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