Silver Anniversary Logos

Star Wars 40th Anniversary Logo

Using the classic image from the cover of the original movie, this logo places this iconic imagery in the center of a zero for the number 40. Below that, the traditional logo is stacked to create a foundation for this logo. Around the logo is a square, black shape to create the dark, space theme of the movie series.

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Lego Star Wars 20th Anniversary Logo

Lego Star Wars created an anniversary logo that featured mini figure versions of popular characters with a round, badge-style design. A reflective silver color and a bit of addition for light sabers to extend above the circle and a box to hold the dates below create a great design that unique and features both a recognizable number and characters.

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Elite 11 25th Anniversary Logo

The nationals premier elite quarterback competition, Elite 11 drew inspiration from the strong, bold themes associated with sports logos and the large, blocky numbers that sit behind many major bowl game logos, to create a mark that places their original logo in the center and uses the strong, dark colors of that brand to build a great looking anniversary logo.

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