35th Anniversary Logos

Orlando Magic 35th Anniversary Logo

This logo has rarely been used outside of the context of the team's games, name, or traditional logo, so this minimal design that builds on a large number 35 does a great job of weaving the original blue basketball mark into the classic, block style lettering from sports to make a clean logo that looks great on everything form their home court to team swag.

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Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary Logo

Some anniversary logos are simple, clean shapes that can be used in a variety of situations. This may not be one of them. A three dimensional block shape of the anniversary sits in the center facing away and to the left. Surround the number are similarly three dimensional graphics of many of the series' most popular characters.

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Miami Heat 35th Anniversary Logo

With their 35th anniversary in store, the Miami head started with block, jersey-style number 35 as the shape, this logo extends the traditional logo's famous rim shape to surround the entire number 35 and placing the other element element of the original logo, a flaming basketball, in the center to make a recognizable logo with a clear sports vibe.

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