Government Anniversary Logos

Lincoln Memorial 100th Anniversary Logo

As one of the most recognizable monuments in the country, this logo leaned into this famous design for their anniversary logo. By replacing three of the pillars with a large, elongated number 100, the designers created a clean layout but also one that one easy to recognize even without the ribbon and dates along the bottom clarifying what is being celebrated and the years of operation.

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Samoa Independence 60th Anniversary Logo

Designed for a light blue background, this logo starts with a large nuumber 60 with the ring of the six and the left side of the zero elegantly overlapping using patterns and shapes tied to the Samoan culture. At the bottom sits the name of the country with a series of starts just above and to the right of the zero to create balance and add extra meaning.

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USA-Mali Diplomatic Relations 60th Anniversary Logo

Starting with a large number 60, this logo uses diagonal stripes in the colors of both contries with a thick, green stripe creating a bridge between the two numbers and color palettes. On the upper left diagonal a line of stars is placed to represent the USA, to the right the word years sits, and below this number is a simple description of the occasion in a light, thin typeface.

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